Everyone enjoys a sunny evening on the deck but when was the last time you actually looked under there?

Decks are attractive to animals because they provide shelter from the elements and predators.

Unfortunately, this area is often neglected and can become a source for some expensive headaches.

The foundation footing does more than support your home it provides a barrier against animals. Contractors frequently perform the final soil grade and landscaping after ground floor decks are installed.  In many homes the foundation footing is left exposed making it easy for animals to dig into the crawlspace.
Re-insulating a crawlspace and repairing animal damage usually costs $2000-$5000 depending on severity.

If your foundation footing is exposed you should make arrangements with a qualified contractor to backfill the foundation.

Additionally, most of us believe that skirting and lattice work will deter animals from getting under decks.  This may work on the family dog, however it only makes the area more attractive to wildlife by creating seclusion.  Opening the area under the deck and allowing daylight in is much more effective at deterring


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