Are You Dealing With Weeds Overtaking Your Grays Harbor County Yard?

April 5, 2022

Grays Harbor County Pest Control plans typically focus on fauna – but pests in the flora kingdom can be just as much of a pain. We’re talking, of course, about weeds. Those who want to keep a tidy lawn have to worry about so many things – from a grasshopper infestation to all the different kinds of snails we have here in Washington – but a yard full of weeds easily takes the cake when it comes to issues that can ruin lawn lovers’ days. Weeds can choke your grass and turn your lawn into an unmanageable nightmare. Fortunately, a great lawn weed control service can help you keep your grass looking happy and healthy. 

broad leaf weeds in a lawn

How Do I Maintain My Grays Harbor County Lawn?

To keep grass healthy, you need proper drainage, the right amount of water, and fertile soil. To make sure your grass has everything it needs to grow healthy and strong, take measures like:

  • Aerate your lawn periodically to ensure the soil medium is not overly compacted and water does not accumulate.
  • Use natural and organic lawn fertilizers for greener, healthier grass instead of synthetic ones.
  • Water your grass thoroughly but not too frequently to ensure it gets a good drink, but its roots don’t wind up sitting in water all the time. Watering also encourages grass to grow longer and more robust root systems.
  • Keep your grass clipped to the recommended height for its species. Different grass varieties have different ideal heights, so it’s vital to know yours.

Contact a lawn weed control service like Beacon Pest Control to help you maintain a yard free of weeds and pests.

Keeping Weeds Off Your Grays Harbor County Yard

Even though you’ll likely need weed control or home pest control service to help you maintain a healthy lawn, there are still a few ways you can prevent weeds between visits from your professional technician:

  • Water deeply and infrequently. Giving grass plenty of water will make it strong enough to choke weeds rather than the other way around.
  • Let grass grow to the highest recommended length for its variety to help reduce the sunlight that makes it down to the weed seeds on the ground.
  • Feed your lawn regularly to help your grass outcompete its weed rivals, and ensure you’re using a fertilizer specially formulated for grass. 

Should I Be Worried About Pests In My Grays Harbor County Yard?

You have to focus on many different pest issues when it comes to proper lawn care here in Grays Harbor County. There are various diseases and blights you have to control. We have several kinds of snails and slugs that can destroy garden plants. Not to mention the damage that could happen if you wind up with a grasshopper problem! Pests can do all kinds of damage to your lawn, which is why it’s so important to have a home pest control service that has lots of experience with lawn care on your side – like the experts here at Beacon Pest Control!

Is Professional Lawn Service Necessary In Grays Harbor County?

Professional lawn services are absolutely a necessity for your Grays Harbor County pest control plan. Without the expertise provided by the experts, your grass and landscaping could be more vulnerable to a host of threats from pests to weeds to blights and molds. Luckily, the experts at Beacon Pest Control are just a click or call away. We can help keep your lawn free of wicked weeds and pesky pests alike. We even have services tailored to the bare ground like gravel walkways and concrete driveways. So give us a call or visit our contact page to get started. 

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