Five Early Warning Signs Of Cockroaches In Your Grays Harbor County Home

July 15, 2021

If a cockroach was standing right in front of you, would you know it was a cockroach? What if it were standing behind one of your home’s walls, out of sight? It is safe to say that roaches are easier to identify when they are out in the open. Unfortunately, this is not always the case inside Grays Harbor County homes. If you didn’t know, cockroaches don’t like people. Because of this, they will go out of their way to avoid interacting with them. This involves hiding inside wall voids, only coming out at night, and skittering away when they think they have been spotted. Fortunately for you, there are more ways to identify these pests than by seeing them. Here are five early warning signs that indicate your Grays Harbor County home has a cockroach problem.

a german cockroach on a leaf in a grays harbor county home

Live Roaches

Not all cockroaches are afraid of humans. The majority are, but there are always outliers that show much more bravery and will go out into the open when their brothers and sisters would not. If you see a live cockroach inside your home, it might be one of these outliers. It might also be a roach that is tired of living inside cramped living spaces and is trying to get away from its extremely large family to find a bite to eat. The second of these two scenarios is much more concerning than the first.

Fecal Droppings

A cockroach’s fecal matter is regularly mistaken for spilled coffee grounds. With closer inspection, however, it isn’t too hard to tell the difference between the two. You are most likely to find roach excrement near pantries, around kitchens, along baseboards, under appliances, and in places around your home where you consume food regularly.

Grease Smears

If you dipped your foot into mud and walked around your floors, you would leave behind a clear trail. The same is true with cockroaches and grease. These pests regularly crawl over and through oily substances and then trail them through homes off their low-to-the-ground bellies. Look for these discolored and greasy trails along baseboards, around appliances, and around areas cockroaches live and eat.

Shed Skin

A cockroach sheds its skin six times during its life. These skins are found around areas cockroaches live and are regularly picked up by interior ventilation systems. If you have asthma or allergies, cockroach skins and fecal matter might cause you mild to severe irritation and breathing difficulties. This problem becomes more severe the larger infestations become inside homes.

An Oily Odor In The Air

If your home has a severe cockroach infestation, you will start to notice an oily, musty odor in the air. This odor is the result of hundreds of roaches spreading filth, leaving their excrement in hard-to-reach areas, and dying.

What To Do If Your Home Has Cockroaches

Now that you know how to identify cockroaches, let's talk about some strategies to get these pests out of your home. You could try to handle these invasive and dangerous insects on your own, but we will warn you, this is not easy nor safe. DIY cockroach control is often ineffective as roaches are known for being evasive and resistant to many pest control products. For this reason, we recommend letting our team help. At Beacon Pest Control, we offer detailed and effective solutions for cockroaches and other area pests. Our team is licensed and trained in cutting-edge pest control strategies and would be happy to give your Grays Harbor County home the care it needs to stay pest-free.

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