Grays Harbor County's Handy Guide To Raccoon Control

March 15, 2021

When people seek pest remediation, it’s usually because insects are troubling them. They often forget to consider animal threats. If that’s factored in, mice and rats might be addressed. Those creatures are definitely worth building a defense against, but Grays Harbor County citizens should prepare for intruding wildlife as well. Personal effects, homes, and businesses can be ruined by these pests. What’s worse is that they can put your health on the line by biting or scratching you. Further, germs and disease transmission are a possibility. The chances of danger are even higher with a species that can rapidly reproduce.

a raccoon on a roof in grays harbor

You’re almost guaranteed to encounter wildlife if your property is in proximity to the woods, a grassy area, or a body of water. Raccoons have a reputation for surrounding human dwellings. They have a cute and cuddly appearance, but they’re hazardous. Learn how you can prevent them with Beacon Pest Control

How Do Raccoons Operate? What Are the Risks?

Raccoons have rounded and tubby 3 feet long bodies, with a weight of 15 to 40 pounds. Their black or brown fur is immensely thick. On their unshorn tails are black rings, and around their eyes is a dark outline. It brings a face mask to mind. With front legs that are shorter than those in the back, these creatures look hunched over. 
To emphasize, raccoons live in woody and watery spaces. However, a food shortage will inspire them to forage into residential and urban settings. Once there, they will pick through garbage cans and throw the contents about. They will also pull fruit and nuts from greenery, which will wreck it. The only perk to these animals being present is that they’ll eat up other pests, like mice, insects, frogs, and rabbits. As they get comfortable, dens will be built in attics and chimneys, and beneath porches.

Infestation signs are:

  • Discovering toppled garbage bins and compost piles
  • Finding devastated gardens
  • Having tattered window and door screens 
  • Seeing that insulation, wires, shingles, siding, and foundations are damaged 
  • Noticing paw prints or mounds of nested organic matter
  • Hearing loud and abrupt noises outside or clawing from behind walls

Raccoons can be aggressive and in a defensive mode, so it’s best to not approach them. Moreover, they could have tularemia, histoplasmosis, rabies, tuberculosis, or fleas and ticks. Another thing to keep in mind is that these critters attack both humans and domestic animals. Seek immediate medical attention if you or a pet are injured by a raccoon.

What Are Ways to Prevent Raccoons?

To reduce the likelihood of raccoons impacting your home or business, you’ll have to give extra attention to your yard and building. Most folks greatly dislike this type of work, but you’ll have to get past any aversions. Just remember that you’ll be protecting your health and that of others. Take the following steps:

  • Make sure all windows, vents, and chimneys have screens attached.
  • Put trash in a secure, airtight canister. Distance it from the property by a few feet and do the same for composts.
  • Cut the grass and trim plants regularly. Dispose of organic debris.
  • Place gardens and greenery well away from exterior doors. 
  • Call Beacon Pest Control if you have problems with critters raccoons consume.

How Will Beacon Pest Control Exterminate Raccoons?

We at Beacon Pest Control have a detailed animal evaluation system that includes exclusion and trapping services. Recommendations and bids for necessary repairs can be provided. Maintenance baiting is also available if required. Our professionals are licensed, bonded, and insured, so you’ll receive quality care. Send raccoons away for good! Call us today at Beacon Pest Control to get started!

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