Is It Dangerous To Have Rodents In My Grays Harbor County Property?

February 15, 2021

There are a lot of reasons why insects and creatures scare people. For instance, many move suddenly and have an intimidating appearance. It doesn’t help that the majority are capable of harming you somehow. They can scratch, sting, or bite you. If they don’t injure you, they could tear up your belongings or damage your Grays Harbor County home or business. Another major concern with pests is that they can disperse germs that cause illnesses. Some can transmit disease directly. A great number of these elements apply to rodents. 

rodents infesting a grace harbor county property

Rodents are a major threat to the well-being of humans, domestic animals, and properties. It doesn’t help that they can easily penetrate dwellings and they procreate at a rapid pace. Since they are dependent on people for consistent food and water, they stay in our spaces. Learn more about the risks associated with rodents and how you can prevent them with Beacon Pest Control.

How Do Grays Harbor County Rodents Look & Behave? What Are the Dangers?

Of the rodent species in the region, Norway rats are very prevalent. Their 15 inch long bodies have 7-inch tails attached. Black, brown, or gray fur that’s dense and shaggy comforts them. These animals gain access to domiciles and establishments through the ground burrows they dig. As you might imagine, this can wreck landscaping. You’re more likely to encounter rodents if your property is close to a grassy or wooded zone, or your yard isn’t groomed. The pests will have a simpler time getting indoors if your place is in poor structural condition; they can get through holes ½ of an inch around. If they struggle at all, they’ll bite it further open. 
Rodents will chew on anything to keep their growing teeth filed down. Cords, pipes, and walls will fall victim to them. Electrical shortages and fires, plumbing woes, and cosmetic damage are all possibilities. As it pertains to health, these creatures are hubs for bacteria. Microbes and parasites are in their saliva, waste, and hair. They taint food and surfaces when they crawl in and around it. Trichinosis and salmonella are just two of the illnesses they can trigger.

Key infestation signs are:

  • Coming across droppings that are capsule-shaped 
  • Finding gnaw marks on foundations, cables, and furniture
  • Seeing greasy rub stains on walls 
  • Noticing burrows outside in soil 
  • Spotting these nocturnal creatures during the day

Dark and quiet rooms that have some dampness are appealing to rodents. You may catch them in attics, basements, storage rooms, and similar.

Is There a Way to Prevent Grays Harbor County Rodents?

Trying to manage a rodent infestation after it’s started is exceedingly difficult. Considering this, you’ll want to be steady about prevention protocols. To make your home or business less of a target for these pests, do the following:

  • Store food and garbage in canisters with secure lids. 
  • Close up gaps in foundations, windows, doors, vents, and utilities.
  • Have leaks and moisture problems repaired straight away. 
  • Mow the lawn and trim greenery regularly. 
  • Place flowers and plants a couple of feet from the property. 
  • Decrease clutter and maintain the cleanliness of storage areas.

How Will Beacon Pest Control Handle Grays Harbor County Rodents?

Eliminating rodents is not a “do it yourself” kind of job. Commercial shelf goods are often weak or noxious. The instructions are hard to understand, potentially leading to lethal misuse. Traps have to be strategically set in spots that are challenging to reach. You can save yourself trouble and money by contacting us at Beacon Pest Control. Our animal proofing, exclusion, and trapping approaches are top-notch and safe, and our staff is highly trained. Give us a call today at Beacon Pest Control!

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