Problems Rodents Cause In Gray Harbor County Homes

December 15, 2021

Bugs are scary, but they have nothing on rodents. First, the creatures are massive and can’t easily be squashed like insects. Second, they have sharp fangs and claws to bite or scratch you with. Even if you escape being injured, you could contract an illness from these animals. They carry countless germs. Third, rodents are known for ruining personal belongings and buildings. Your Gray Harbor County home may be targeted.

For rodents, entering spaces and procreating is very simple and quick. That said, major takeovers that happen in a flash are possible. With so much on the line, it’s important to study vermin risk factors and prevention tactics. Learn more about this and how Beacon Pest Control can be of service to you.

up close image of a norway rat crawling near a home

What Rodents Are In Gray Harbor County? What Are The Dangers?

House mice and Norway rats are among the common species in the region. Befitting of their name, house mice persist in domiciles and establishments. The warmth, water, and food are a draw. Lighter hues color the abdomens of these gray, black, or brown pests. In terms of size, they are 7 inches long. Indoors, they will settle in areas that are dim, quiet, damp, or humid. You're liable to come across them in cabinets, basements, structural voids, and the like. Meetings with house mice are essentially inevitable if your location is near a densely vegetated spot.

Norway rats can get to your residence by digging nests and tunnels in surrounding soil. This activity makes an ugly mess of landscaping and lawns. If your foundations are shabby, these critters won’t have much to block them out. Once they appear, you should be able to identify them right away. They are a huge 15 inches long and have 7-inch tails. Also, their gray or brown hair is quite unkempt.

Markers of an infestation are:

  • Daytime sightings of these nocturnal creatures
  • Hearing squeaking or scratching from inside walls
  • Discovering footprints and fecal pellets
  • Finding greasy rub stains on edges and walls

Rodents gnaw on things as part of their oral care. Unfortunately, this means your clothes, pipes, cables, and foundations could be destroyed. In the end, you may have to replace your wardrobe or plumbing system. Electrical shortages and fires, and cosmetic damage can occur as well.

Hospital visits will be necessary if rodents injure you or you catch a disease. These pests can pass along conditions like salmonella, hantavirus, and leptospirosis. Pathogens and viruses are also a concern. Vermin have parasites and bacteria in their fur. Their saliva, feces, and urine are full of germs too. Different microbes stick to them when they crawl around in dirty settings, such as gutters, streets, and dumpsters.

What Are Ways To Prevent Gray Harbor County Rodents?

Take these steps to reduce the chances of a rodent infiltration:

  • Get rid of all clutter.
  • Thoroughly clean the kitchen and wash your dishes regularly.
  • Sweep, mop, and vacuum on a routine basis.
  • Put food and garbage in containers with airtight lids.
  • Have moisture faults and leaks repaired as soon as possible.  
  • Close up cracks in foundations, windows, and doors with steel wool. Rodents can chew plastic and rubber.
  • Flush out drains and gutters often.
  • Mow the lawn and trim the greenery frequently—distance plants from the property by two feet.

How Will Beacon Pest Control Handle Gray Harbor County Rodents?

Pesticides and traps from retail stores aren’t appropriate for rodent infestations because they only kill individual pests. Moreover, they might be hazardous. You also have to place them tactically, and vermin centers are hard to get to. The expert technicians at Beacon Pest Control will use safe industrial-grade home pest control solutions like baits and animal proofing. Call today for a free estimate!

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