Why Do I Have Carpenter Ants On My Grays Harbor County Property?

August 13, 2021

Carpenter ants are wood-boring pests that invade properties. They are a large type of ant that commonly measures ½ inch in length, has a jet-black or black and reddish appearance, and strong jaws (mandibles) for burrowing through the wood. Unlike termites, carpenter ants do not consume wood. Rather, they create tunnels to hollow out nesting locations where they generate offspring.

ants all over a sidewalk

Things That Attract Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are most commonly attracted to water-damaged or otherwise weakened wooden structures that allow them to more easily penetrate. As with most ants, they are drawn to food sources, particularly meats and items that are high in sugar. Carpenter ants will sometimes consume pet food, and will definitely pursue any food scraps in trash containers.  

The Damage Caused By Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are capable of contaminating food sources and surfaces as they forage through a property; however, they are better known for their ability to create costly structural damage when tunneling through the wood. The damage to wooden structures created by carpenter ants is typically more recognizable compared to termites. 
Termites typically hollow out the interior of wooden structures, but carpenter ants bore straight through the exterior surfaces. Small sawdust-like piles of frass tend to accumulate in areas that are infested by carpenter ants. Over longer periods, property owners often notice that structures appear warped, and potentially become unstable. 

Prevention Tips

  • Move firewood storage piles away from the property, and cut back shrubs and branches that may act as a bridge for carpenter ants.

  • Promptly repair or replace water-damaged wood within the property, and ensure that crawl spaces are well-ventilated to prevent problems with moisture and excessive humidity. 

  • Repair leaky spigots, hoses, or plumbing, and keep gutters and downspouts properly maintained to limit moisture.

  • Inspect the exterior of the property for any cracks or crevices, and apply a sealant. Ensure that no gaps have developed around windows and doors that may allow access.

Do I Need Assistance From A Pest Control Professional?

Many property owners mistakenly try the various do-it-yourself home treatment options that are often mass-marketed using highly exaggerated claims of being fast and easy solutions. In reality, many of these sprays, baiting systems, and concentrated formulas will produce short-term results that are insufficient for many pest intrusions. Also, some of these options might contain harmful chemicals that pose a possible risk to humans, pets, and the local environment. 
A professional exterminator can thoroughly inspect the interior and exterior areas of the property to determine the nature and the extent of any problems, and present you with the best available solutions. Pest control experts can also identify any conditions that exist on the property that may make you vulnerable to future pest invasions. 

Local Pest Extermination Company In Grays Harbor County

Beacon Pest Control is a family-owned team of local professionals that have been providing effective pest management solutions for home and business owners in the Grays Harbor County region for more than 30 years. Our trained technicians have the tools and expertise to safely and effectively eliminate ants, cockroaches, termites, and a variety of other bothersome and potentially harmful pests. The longevity of our success has largely resulted from our focus on excellent customer service, and a commitment to overall satisfaction. 
The licensed exterminators on our staff now use many of the latest products in the industry that have proven to be safe and powerful, and are recommended by the Washington State Pest Control Association, National Pest Management Association, and other leading organizations. Keep in mind that we now offer emergency services for customers that have immediate needs. We look forward to speaking with you, and encourage you to contact our office today.

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