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Commercial Services:

When pests infest your business, you want the best pest control available. At Beacon Pest Control:

• We have been solving pest problems since 1990.

• We fully customize your service to your business's unique needs.

• We place the highest value on earning your trust and confidence.

• We stay up-to-date on advances in our field in order to provide you with the most

effective, cutting edge service available.

• We offer emergency services.

• We deliver expert service and timely advice

We care about the health of your business, your employees, your customers, and

the environment.

• We are members of the Washington State Pest Control Association.

• We are members of the National Pest Management Association.


In addition to our general pest control treatments, we offer the following specialty


• Animal proofing

• Bare ground maintenance

• Structural pest services

Convenience Stores
Bars & Restaurants
Apartment Complexes

Scaring away customers & contaminating goods are just a few of the problems you’ll deal with if pests get into your convenience stores. Keep them out with Beacon Pest Control’s innovative solutions!

Pests in a restaurant or bar can cause illness, damage your reputation & even lead to a closure. Protect your business & your patrons with our solutions that will keep your restaurant safe & sanitary.

Keeping your tenants happy makes for an easier functioning business. If pests are running rampant through your tenants apartments, your days & calls will be filled with unnecessary grief. Call us before those calls come in!

A pest infection in a condo can quickly spread throughout the building, infecting every unit. Prevent them or treat the solution at the source, with the pros from Beacon Pest Control.

Grocery Stores
Day Care

A pest infestation in a grocery store is unsanitary at best & at worst, can lead to the loss of many items, and even sickness of patrons. Protect your business & customers with our solutions.

Keeping your healthcare facility free of pests is extremely important to your patients health as pest can introduce bacteria, germs, parasites & even virus’s. Don’t allow them threaten your efforts at ultimate patient care. 

There is nothing in the world more precious than our children. Pests can pose a threat to them - from sanitary reasons, to bites from ants, stings from bees & wasps & more. Keep your patrons minds at ease by keeping your day care pest free, all year round.

From classroom, to cafeteria, to lockers; pests invading a school can quickly become a very serious problem. Beacon Pest Control can remedy current problems, while providing long term solutions.

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